Ethics & Sustainability


At Navigate Studio, our goods are designed, printed and made in Canada. We strive to utilize ethical and sustainable practices in in the creation of both our products and packaging. We are committed to continually searching for innovative ways to improve our goods, packaging and processes, with the goals of further minimizing our environmental impact and expanding our ability to help empower communities and conservation organizations. We also donate 1% of our total annual sales to charitable organizations in Alberta and Canada working toward progress in wildlife and environmental conservation.

We know we have a long road ahead of us and look forward to working with additional third-party certification organizations to further improve our accountability and transparency to our customers. Currently, we do our best to source sustainably-made paper and shipping supplies from like-minded companies – learn more about our products, packaging and printing partner below!    
Our Products 
Paper (Prints, Greeting Cards, Notepads and marketing materials): 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content, 100% Carbon Neutral, FSC Certified, Green-e Certified, Curbside Recyclable
Greeting Card Envelopes100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content, Curbside Recyclable
Our Packaging
Glassine Sleeves: FSC Certified, Curbside Recyclable (Paper-based)
Shipping Labels & Stickers: 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content, Recyclable
Mailing Envelopes: 100% Recycled Paperboard, 90% Post-Consumer Recycled Content, Curbside Recyclable
Printing Partner
It was extremely important to us to search for a printing partner who is environmentally-focused and shares our values. Our printer is located in Western Canada, meaning that our prints, greeting cards, notepads and marketing materials are all designed (by Alyssa), and printed and assembled in Canada! Our printing partner incorporates sustainable practices into their own operations and has enabled us to source paper and produce these goods with methods that align with our social and environmental commitments.