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Navigate Studio offers prints, wall art, stationary and home goods featuring photography by Alyssa North. Alyssa is an aspiring wildlife, landscape and nature photographer based in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Her work is inspired by a deep appreciation for the Canadian wilderness, along with a desire to help bring awareness to the environmental challenges we are experiencing and support for the invaluable work of conservation organizations. We donate 1% of our total annual sales to charitable organizations across Alberta and Canada working toward progress in wildlife and environmental conservation.
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Our goods are designed, printed and made in Canada. We strive to utilize ethical and sustainable practices in the creation of both our products and packaging. We are committed to continually searching for innovative ways to improve our goods, packaging and processes, with the goals of further minimizing our environmental impact and expanding our ability to help empower communities and conservation organizations.      
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 Thank you for shopping local! Your support is greatly appreciated and Alyssa invites you to join her in navigating our beautiful Canadian wilderness and the many ways of contributing to its protection! #FindingaPathForward #NavigateStudio



Alyssa North 

Getting outside and connecting with nature is one of my favourite ways to take my mind off of life’s stresses and to reflect, seek perspective and find a sense of calmness and relaxation. I often bring my camera along and enjoy capturing the beauty that surrounds us through my lens. From vast landscapes to magnificent wildlife to the delicate intricacies of a flower, I find nature incredibly awe-inspiring and humbling.

Previously pursuing a career in healthcare, I was unable to complete my education due to a debilitating chronic migraine, chronic pain throughout my body and a myriad of other symptoms that developed during my second last year of studies. I have received a medical diagnosis and am being treated for Lyme disease, and my healthcare providers feel this may be one possible factor contributing to my symptoms. For as long as I can remember, I have also struggled with OCD and anxiety, and the development of this chronic pain certainly took an additional toll on my mental health. Addressing and learning how to cope with these conditions has been and continues to be a long and challenging journey. I am immensely grateful to be able to turn to nature for some reprieve from my health situation, and subsequently, this has become one personal reason wildlife/ environmental conservation is so important to me (among the many other crucial reasons)!

My personal experience with mental health conditions and chronic pain, in addition to my love for wildlife and the environment, caused me to start taking a deeper look into some of the social, economic and environmental factors that affect the wellbeing of people, animals and the environment. I know that I have much to learn in regards to these topics and how they relate to each other. I also recognize that achieving meaningful and impactful changes in environmental stewardship and environmental justice require working toward larger systemic changes and that more conscious consumerism is only one of many pieces of the puzzle. However, through my photography and Navigate Studio, I hope to play a small part in providing people with more ethical, sustainable alternatives for home goods, decor and stationary, while helping to support the important work of conservation organizations.

In combining my passions for photography and conservation, I look forward to exploring and learning more about the craft of photography, as well as the nuances and complexities surrounding wildlife/ environmental protection and climate change. Please know that your support is greatly appreciated by this small business owner!

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